Yoga we love you!

There are many reasons this ancient practice has been around for centuries. A total mind-body practice with many physical and mental benefits.

Yoga might not scream a cardio work out, yet it promotes a healthy way of living. Yoga is the ultimate stress reliever!

So swap those weights for a mat, and see how Yoga can re- balance, strengthen and open tight areas of your body like your back, shoulders and legs after a long work day. 

Please note that we highly recommend all new clients complete an assessment prior to starting classes.

Why A Reformer Assessment?

A Reformer Assessment will help you with all your group classes going forward, not just reformer!

A Pilates reformer assessment with one of our expert Physiotherapists where we will provide full postural assessment and teach you the principles of Pilates including:

  1. Breathing

  2. Core activation

  3. Posture

to ensure you achieve the most from your sessions. It may seem small, but breathing right and activating your core is harder than you think!

Hatha Yoga

Beginners or for anyone returning to yoga


Hatha classes focus on a theme of well being. Classes begin with breath awareness and gentle warm up; followed by a range of postures and practices designed to relieve tension in the neck, shoulders, back and legs which helps to improve flexibility. Nourish your mind body, strengthen and tone on every level through a guided pace, the class concludes with a deep relaxation or meditation.

Suitable for all levels including beginners & post natal. 


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