The Universal Reformer: It Really is Universal.

June 4, 2018

Reformer Pilates is perhaps the most sought after (and most widely-offered) pilates for good reason. The Reformer machines offer all the benefits of pilates in one.

Enjoy an increase in overall strength, flexibility, coordination and balance with routine reformer sessions.



Pilates is whole-body fitness for every level.


It's near impossible to over-develop one part of the body at the expense of others with pilates. While you continue to promote core strength with pilates, you continue to train your body as a whole. Pilates promotes a strength and muscle development that is hard to find anywhere else; combine this with the focus on breath and the mind and you have a holistic workout that can be rivaled by few. 


Better yet, pilates is adaptable to almost any fitness level.

Beginner? Senior? Elite Athlete? We have you all covered. The foundations of pilates can be applied to literally every level given you will always be able to build on your core strength, proper alignment and a mind/body approach.


 Building strength without bulk


Pilates works your powerhouse- your core- in ways that can't be done in other workouts. Your powerhouse is crucial for building strength; the flat abs and toned thighs are just a bonus!

While other pilates workouts do this too, the reformer creates a unique environment that allows for an optimal experience.


The size of the reformer allows for a full range of movement that challenges you at all times. Increase your flexibility and muscle movement that encourages the length you want in your body- and keeps it there long after you're done.


Pushing and pulling against the springs with legs and arms is the perfect general strength building for everyone. The exercise and movement helps build strong bones and muscles at once. The instability of the 'carriage' allows for constant building of core strength. It means that the exerciser needs to be balancing more of their body weight than usual at all times. Bizarrely, this can mean the lighter the springs, the harder the exercise at times.


Exercising with a reformer is possible for everyone, and it's almost impossible not to feel it's benefits. Keen to give it a go? Book in your assessment today!




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