How Do You Recharge?

October 20, 2018

We are all unique beings who get their energy uniquely. Some of us like arm colours, some of us like cooler ones. Some of us are runners, some of us are swimmers. We are all inherently different and we should all embrace this. Sometimes we forget that this is also applicable to how we recharge and look after ourselves; just because your friend likes a beach getaway to regain their mojo, doesn't mean you should too. 




Introversion/ Extroversion 

People often think that extroverts are outgoing and social while introverts are quiet and shy. The truth is, by definition introversion and extroversion is actually about where you get your energy from. You could actually be a shy extrovert, and get your energy from being around people you know well and are comfortable with. Or you could be an outgoing introvert, who loves connecting with new people, but needs to be alone to recharge. The concepts speak more to what makes you feel more rested and settled than anything.


Once you work out what this looks like for you, you will find it much easier to find out how to work those little recharge moments into your day. 


What about movement?

Just like how our social patterns, the way we move can have a huge impact on how we feel and our energy. For some people, HIIT workouts leave us brimming with energy, while yoga leaves us sleepy; for others, the opposite can be true. 


If you're not sure what is true for you, keep a diary of what works best for you. Have you heard of the 'day by colours' diary? Pick at least three colours that represent different moods/ levels: 

In this case, we have purple for a workout that could be better, orange for in the middle, and yellow for GREAT. Each time we do a workout we write it in and colour it in with the appropriate colour. Once the 'diary' is full, we can see what works best for us!


As you can see below, by the time you're a month in you should be getting more and more 'great's and slowly working out the less uplifting ones!


So what can be taken from this?

It's okay to know what works for you and do that. Expectations on how we should rest and move should not dictate how you rest and move. You can't possibly have a healthy body without a healthy mind! 


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