Myotherapy Vs. Massage: The Difference

August 13, 2018

If you've ever wondered what the difference is between Myotherapy and Remedial Message I have news for you:


You're not alone.


Many people have a difficult time understanding the difference, and for this reason often find themselves booking in to the wrong services for their needs, or being dissatisfied with the treatment they receive. 


It's hard to differentiate if you don't know for one key reason: 


Both treatments use massage as their main tool. However there are a few key differences.


When it comes to Remedial Massage, this modality of treatment provides a great pain relief, and is a useful way of treating multiple musculoskeletal conditions, syndromes and improves mental health. 

While Remedial Message utilises only massage as it's tool, Myotherapy draws on a range of other techniques to improve your health. 


A more robust explanation of both services can be found here; however to save you the trouble here is a list of some of the more prominent tools used by myotherapists:

  • dry needling (trigger point therapy) 

  • spinal mobilization

  • myofascal release 

  • thermal therapies

While the two are different, no one treatment method is necessarily any better or worse. The two differ in methodology and offer the variety to treat a range of needs depending on the lifestyle, goals and type of pain experienced by the person undertaking therapy.


Still not sure which is best for you? 


Contact us today to get started. 


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