The Benefits of Pilates For Men: Stress Management and Relaxation

July 23, 2018

Sure, we might have thought about yoga as a method of winding down after a long day, but have you ever considered Pilates?


Pilates training focuses on being present and aware of your movement, your breathing and how the two work together. 


When you are performing Pilates, it takes considerable concentration. It's almost like mindfullness and a workout all in one! For the entire duration of the class you are unable to zone out and be distracted by all the work tasks for the next day, errands you didn't get time to run or other pressures! Pilates is the time to forget about deadlines, bills and chores and just focus on perfecting breathing and movement flow. 


In earlier posts in the Pilates For Men series we commented on how pilates can work your pelvic floor. Yes, men have a pelvic floor too! It is actually essential in maintaining erections and can actually contribute to better sex! So not only can pilates be a great relaxer, but can promote a great boost of endorphins too!


Pilates has many more benefits than the fitness industry will have you believe. It isn't as easy as it looks and it's not just for women! You'd be amazed by the incredible effects pilates can have on your body!

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