The Benefits of Pilates For Men: Posture and Flexibility

July 10, 2018

Welcome to part 2 of the Pilates For Men Series!


Having a strong core is a necessity for healthy posture. In other words, if you haven't brushed up on our core strength post, you should- See the bottom of this page for a link! 




Over time, with Pilates training, you will learn the muscular cues that translate into every day life. Think sitting at work, playing with your kids or going for a run. These cues will alert and prompt you to make the necessary postural adjustments without you even realising. Before you know it, you will be doing this in a timely manner through natural movement, steering yourself further away from injury territory.


Over time, bad posture leads to bad flexibility. Can you touch your toes without bending your knees?

If the answer is no, addressing flexibility is a must do!





The Deep Abdominals, Deep Low Back Muscles and Pelvic Floor are all major contributors towards what we call 'Lumbar- Pelvic Stability.' This is the fancy term for the support system for the spine and it's associated ligaments and musculature. 


Without proper training through Pilates, you tend to favour movement patterns from larger muscle groups such as your quadriceps. This means the larger groups have a tendency to dominate muscle contraction, resulting in an under-activity of the deeper muscles. Consequently, the deep muscles around the spine and core become less stable, making you more susceptible to back injury. This is especially during running and other higher impact exercises. 


Does this sound like something that might have happened before? I can tell you it happened to me more times than I could count before working out how to strengthen the right muscles.


Since taking the Pilates Plunge, my back has never felt better and I can assure you that you will have the same result!




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