The Benefits of Pilates for Men: Core Strength

July 2, 2018

There aren't any words to describe how many men (and women!) keep on neglecting those essential muscle groups! The end result of this is an impact on flexibility, accumulating to back pain and bad posture!


Sound Familiar but can't find anything to fix it?


Pilates is what you need!


And no, we aren't talking about a few sit-ups and planks- the fitness industry has been giving you completely the wrong idea all these years!


A strong core is essential. Why? It provides a stable and balanced center-point for which forces can be distributed freely and evenly across the body. It's no wonder in Pilates terms the core is called the 'powerhouse'!


When you start training your core through Pilates you will notice that all your muscles are interconnected through your core; not to mention how much power for so many movements comes from here!

Did you know it's literally impossible to squat or lunge without your abdominal muscles?


Training your core will boost your athletic and sporting performance. It compliments intense training protocols, such and strength and/or aerobic based training. Pilates puts you in a great position physically to be able to perform at your peak, without causing injury or working the wrong muscle groups.

 Furthermore, core strength is not just for the sport type- having a strong core is just as important for everyday physical functioning. Have you noticed your posture at the work desk lately? Pilates can be a huge help for this too!


No matter the age, lifestyle or sporting endeavors, every male can better from increased core strength.




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