Yoga & Flow: The Benefit of Nighttime Meditation and Yoga

May 11, 2018

Needless to say, your quality of sleep majorly impacts your overall health.


Unfortunately, the reality for many is that restful sleep is very challenging to achieve. If you’re anything like me, you will have tried everything from counting sheep to simply willing yourself (unsuccessfully) to sleep.


But have you considered meditation?


April was stress awareness month, and it got the team at Ideal Physiotherapy thinking about how we can help everyone at the clinic reduce stress and get a good night’s sleep.


Often meditation is used as a way of awakening one’s self, as well as being more ‘in the moment.’ However, what would happen if we used that focus to remove the stresses of the day to be more present and in the moment for sleep?


Starting Thursdays at 8:05pm for six weeks, we will be doing just that.


We understand that the best way to get the most out of your meditation is to be consistent, so we highly encourage practicing some aspects of the session each evening in between sessions.




Incorporating meditation with the flow of yoga each Thursday (and as often as you can in between) could be the answer to all your problems.




You will engage your parasympathetic nervous system

In these sessions, we will sooth you into sleep by activating the ‘rest and digest’ part of your brain (as opposed to the ‘fight or flight’). By doing this, we will encourage a relaxation process earlier than you may be already, so by the time your head hits the pillow, your body is already preparing for sleep.


You will literally shred the stress from your day

By spending the time being present, you will create a mindset that is free of all the millions of things you did today, have to do tomorrow and should do next week. Reduce worry and Rejuvenate your energy.


Stretch out before bed

By doing this, you soothe any aches and pains, and lessen the discomfort that builds up over the course of the day. These pains can pollute your sleep and make the next day even worse for yourself.


Combine yoga and meditation for the best possible rest.


Want to learn more?


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