In today's fast-paced and bustling world when was the last time you took the time to check in with how your body is feeling?


Have you noticed your posture isn’t as great as it use to be? Do you have bad flexibility? Do you have weak core?
Is the answer 'YES!'?

Did you know that these are the tell tell signs of an injury waiting to happen? 


Get your body in shape with our reformer classes! 


What is a reformer?


It is the most versatile piece of equipment you will ever use which will take your workouts to the next level. Pilates classes with a reformer are designed to target small muscle groups such as your core, gluteal area and pelvic floor which are often neglected in general work outs.  At the same time your class corporates arm and leg movements to sculpt and re-shape your body. 




It can be that easy to feel like you’re not even working out during our classes. Stop spending another day looking for a solution- we have made it easy for you! From beginners or those who have done pilates before we have your back!

For the best outcomes in your pilates practice we recommend all new students to our studio  to book for an assessment with one of our Physiotherapists. Bonus health fund rebates apply and you get a weeks worth of unlimited classes! Click here for more information 

Why A Reformer Assessment?

A Reformer Assessment will help you with all your group classes going forward, not just reformer!

A Pilates reformer assessment with one of our expert Physiotherapists where we will provide full postural assessment and teach you the principles of Pilates including:

  1. Breathing

  2. Core activation

  3. Posture

to ensure you achieve the most from your sessions. It may seem small, but breathing right and activating your core is harder than you think!

We also show you have to use use a reformer and set up your machine while we take you through some exercises which will help you kick start your unlimited access to our group classes (reformer, yoga, barre, mat pilates) for the rest of the week.

All classes run by physiotherapist are claimable under private heath code 560.

Want to learn more about the reformer before you come in? Or maybe you're interested in yoga or barre? Head over to the blog for more info!

For more on our $99 intro pass* which includes unlimited classes for your first week, see below; but hurry! This won't be forever.

*Assessment alone is $125

Reformer - Beginners

Beginners or for anyone returning to exercise 


Reformer classes set at slower more controlled paced, especially for beginners or for anyone who is retuning back to exercise. Targeting the most neglected core, gluteal and pelvic floor. The reformer will also work your arms and legs giving you a full body work out. Get back to exercise in a safe and fun way! this class is run by a fully qualified physiotherapist who have an eye for precision and body movement. 

Reformer - Intermediate

Intermediate level 


A Physiotherapists instructed and guided class designed to progress and challenge the knowledge, strength and flexibility from Reformer level 1.


Your class is set at a more advanced pace aimed to achieve the most effective and efficient core and full body toning workout.  Weights and jump board, maybe used throughout this class to excel your work out. 

Open Reformer

For every level

Looking for a challenge? Then this class is for you! Exercises are based on intermediate level set at a quicker and more fluid pace for an additional cardio work out.


Using a reformer your exercises will targets your body from head to toe including your core, to develop endurance essential for posture.


This class may incorporate weights, pilates ring, toning balls and jump board to target multiple muscles groups during each exercise.  Train stability, mobility, balance, endurance, strength and coordination.


 Isn't that what your body wants?!

Strength +Stretch Reformer

Intermediate level 


Open level class broken up into a strength component using the reformer to work your your body from head to toe. Yes we will not forget your core. 


The class will then flow into the stretch component to

which will help improve your flexibility.


The joint mobility, strength and stretches are all equally important for great posture, movement and injury prevention. 


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