Grab a mat and set yourself up for a class that is an effective & precise set of exercises mixed up each week. Accessible to EVERYONE at ANY FITNESS LEVEL and provides countless benefits as it targets the body's "powerhouse" (that refers to your abdominal, lower back muscles, pelvic floor, hips and gluteals), while incorporating your arms or legs.


The use of small apparatus such as weights, foam rollers and bands increases strengthen & boost mental health and wellbeing. 

Learn how to move your body again with prices moves and specific breathing techniques - designed to support mental well being. 

Please note we highly recommend all new clients to complete an assessment.

Why An Assessment?

A Reformer Assessment will help you with all your group classes going forward, not just reformer!

A Pilates reformer assessment with one of our expert Physiotherapists where we will provide full postural assessment and teach you the principles of Pilates including:

  1. Breathing

  2. Core activation

  3. Posture

to ensure you achieve the most from your sessions. It may seem small, but breathing right and activating your core is harder than you think!

Pilates & Small Apparatus

Perfect for anyone returning to pilates


Pilates with a difference, adding small apparatus such as balls, bands, weights, rollers or rings with traditional Pilates floor exercise for a little extra challenge. Perfect combination class that brings awareness to the deep abdominal, gluteal and pelvic floor which are essential to building core stability & postural strength and mobility.


Small apparatus will help your body execute correct biomechanics of movements whilst building bone and muscle strength which is essential in prevention of injury such as back, neck pain and bad posture. (Don't want to use any equipment? that's more than ok; Its your work out, your rules!) 


The session finishes off with a stretch to help increase your flexibility and cool down leaving your body feeling leaner and stronger.


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