We all indulge every now and then and try to make it up by join a gym to help us break and swear off bad habits and get our inner fitness junkie on right? But before you commit to spending money on a gym membership, think about whether doing so really makes financial sense.

Ideal Physiotherapy is here to provide you with a solution that will not only save you money but give you that extra boost of motivation, no matter your fitness level. 

Our group fitness classes are designed in a small group training setting making the personal training experience more accessible and affordable. Our small group training offers the chance to try the latest fitness such as reformer pilates, barre, yoga, mat pilates and more. Follow a program designed by a qualified Physiotherapist, Pilates / Barre Instructor or Yoga teacher with up to 8-11 other like-minded individuals there to motivate and support you.  The best part is you will never get bored  WHY? Our instructors believe variety is the key so no two sessions are ever the same. 

According to research, only two per cent of people who work out at the gym achieve the results they desire, compared to those who train in a group setting. If that still doesn't convince you, then check out five more reasons to give our small group training a try today!


  • Cost-effective!
    Small group training allows you to share the cost and experience teacher / trainer at a fraction of a 1-1 session. 


  • Personalised!
    Just because you are in a group doesn't mean it can be a class tailored for you! Our instructors love to get feedback on what you want in your class, want more abdominal exercises? Want to work your booty or legs? Just let your instructor know. Because at the end of the day its all about you!


  • Variety!
    No two sessions will ever be the same. Attending classes regularly gives your instructors a chance to give you progressions and build on exercises learnt in the pervious week. Every session is designed this way so you'll keep seeing results and never plateau, or get bored! 


  • Capped class sizes!
     We believe in small class sizes so there is enough time for the instructor to work with everyone. Each class has between eight - eleven people per session so you will feel like you are lost in a large class. 


  • Strength in numbers!
    Because we all need motivation sometimes! Working out with other people with same health and fitness goals provides additional support, motivation and inspiration you need to achieve your personal goals.


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