The perfect package for mum- to-be to maintain pelvic floor and core strength through their pregnancy in a safe environment supervised by a physiotherapist!

There are many changes to a women's body as a result of pregnancy such as the ligaments in the pelvis getting softer to make room for your developing baby. With out adequate muscle strength developed through targeted exercise some women develop pelvic pain and back pain. 


Our program is highly structured, individual, and research-based aimed at strength, core/ pelvic stability and general fitness for pregnancy. 

How you will benefit from our Pre Natal program:

  • Strengthening pelvic floor muscles to prevent incontinence and weakness. 

  • Comprehensive strength exercises for the pelvic (gluteal and abdminal) which are essential in preventing back and pelvic pain.

  • Tailored exercises focuses on posture while you sit and stand. 

  • Check in weekly with a Physiotherapist and get prepared for your pregnancy and delivery 

  • During sessions we can help guide you towards other forms of exercise which will be safe no matter what trimester you are in.

What is involved…

Our Pre Natal Clinical Pilates program is broken into 4 distinct stages:

Stage: 01

Initial Consultation: 

Because no two pregnancies are the same it is important to gather a medical history, assess body movement as well as conduct a postural assessment (you will notice bog changes in your posture so getting on top of it early can save you potential back and pelvic pain). If it is your first pregnancy you might not know if exercise is safe! but rest assure it is and your body will thank thank you for it later! 

In your first session we will be guided through the Pilates’ basics such as  breathing, expectant body changes, and education on why you need pilates during this special time!  

Stage: 02

Pre Class Review:

We set up for the exercise component of your program and take time to re visit anything in your assessment. We start with exercises using pilates equipment which are designed to help strengthen essential abdominal (core), gluteal and pelvic floor muscles.

You will get a full body program that will help take the pressure off your back and pelvic floor.  With out adequate muscle strength during pregnancy many mums can suffer un necessary back, pelvic, knee, shoulder and ribs pain, all because your hormones are playing havoc in your body! 

You will be educated on how to move your body in a safe way using pilates equipment before you commence classes in a group setting. 

Stage: 03

Group Classes &

Home exercise program

No matter what trimester you are in, your program is aimed at muscle strength in the abdominals (don't worry no sits up here), targeted pelvic, gluteal, back and pelvic floor strength. We also address all postural misalignments through sitting and standing exercises. It is essential to have adequate muscle strength through pregnancy as the hormones in your body make the ligaments a little softer to make room for your growing baby, with out strong muscles this can cause un necessary aches and pains during pregnancy that can manifest once you deliver.

To help augment your pilates practice with us you will be given a home program. This home program is suggested 2-3 times a week with daily stretches. Recommended pre natal exercise is 150 minutes a week. 

Stage: 04

Post Class Review:

Post Natal Clinical Pilates Review - Once you deliver you can use your post natal review once you get the all clear from your doctor; for an in depth check up of your abdominals and pelvis. Tummy gap is something that most health care professional just miss once a mother gives birth, with out adequate muscle strength post delivery, you can be prone to increased load on your pelvic floor, back pain and further abdominal separation, simply because the muscles are too weak as a result of pregnancy. 

Once you complete your assessment you can re start your post natal pilates in or regular classes or we offer mums and bubs classes so no need for a baby sitter! 


Many of our mums-to-be choose to continue with Clinical Pilates once they deliver to ensure their pelvic floor and abdominals are kept strong. Rehabilitation once you have your little one can protect you from pelvic floor / continence issues, back, neck and posture issues, that can occur as a result of caring for your little one. Not all exercise is good for you so check in with a Physiotherapist first. 


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