What Do
Osteopaths Do?


Osteopaths use a hands on approach to focus on your bones, muscles, nerves and other surrounding tissues in your body. They are able to determine if your body is not working together the way it should be and what the effects are if this occurs.

Osteopaths are qualified to provide:

- Acupuncture, dry needling or trigger point therapy

- Manual Therapy

- Manipulations of joints

- Postural assessments 

- Lifestyle management advice

When Would I See An Osteopath?

Often people who are suffering from short or long term conditions such as;

Short Term:

-Sports Injuries

-Hip, Knee or Foot Pain

-Muscular Sprains & Strains

-Tendon Problems

-Muscular Soreness

Long Term:






-Back Pain


Your First Consultation

It is advisable to arrive a little early to fill out some consent forms prior to your treatment. 

Your Osteopath will then proceed to ask questions about your current condition as well as your previous history, current medications. 

A full Osteopathic assessment involving diagnostic, orthopaedic, neurological, postural and functional assessments will be conducted prior to treatment.

Your treatment will consist of a range of hands on treatments such as mobilisation, manipulations and resisting of muscles.

Upon finishing up treatment your Osteopath may also provide you with education and advice on how to manage your condition. 

What Are You Able To Claim?

You will be able to claim a rebate for your Osteopathy appointment from a range of agencies and health insurers. This may vary depending on your policy. 

You are also able to claim a Medicare rebate if you are on a Chronic Disease Management (CDM) program with your GP. 

Get in contact with your GP, case manager to Osteopath to find out your options today. 


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