Ideal Physiotherapy has been providing tailored programs to the community for over 10 years, with more and more mums coming in each week requesting exercise programs to help strengthen their pelvic floor post delivery. Though it's not just about your pelvic floor ! It's about all the muscles around your pelvis including your abdominals and gluteal muscles which have been places on strain as a result of pregnancy.

In many occasions this residual weakness places additional load on the pelvic floor which is responsible for keeping up all your organs, at the end of the day there is only so much this areas can take before it starts to weaken and cause additional issues with incontinence, a feeling of heaviness which is an early sign of a prolapse and even sexual dysfunction.  

Untreated tummy gap (abdominal separation), is also a major cause of additional pelvic floor load, which is often missed in assessment once a mum has her baby, which can leave mums with that " mummy tummy" as this can also throw out your posture making your tummy look bigger then it really is.

No two pregnancies or deliveries are the same, and often new mums leave their own health and well being on the back burner because they are so overwhelmed with taking care of their new born. 

How we can help?

Our Post Natal Clinical Pilates Program is specifically a highly structured program for new mums who need an individual, and research-based program to regain core and pelvic floor strength and pelvic stability, with general over all targeted fitness for mums once they have had their little one. This program is designed to help you progress back to exercise in a safe way with out putting additional load on your body while you are still recovering.

How you will benefit from our Mum's & Bub's Clinical Pilates program:

  • Tailored rehabilitation of your tummy gap ( many mums don't even know about this, or even get this checked!)

  • Comprehensive assessment of the pelvic muscles which are essential in preventing back pain

  • Tailored posture assessment with exercises designed for you, no matter your fitness level

  • A targeted program to develop strength in the smaller stabilisers such as the abdominal, pelvic floor and gluteal muscles which are essential in the prevention of pelvic floor heaviness, incontinence or a prolapse if high impact exercise is commence too early.

  • Check in weekly with a Physiotherapist and bring your baby with you! Exercise while your baby is in the same room!

  • During sessions we can help guide you towards other forms of exercise which will be safe on your pelvic floor.

What is involved…

Our Post Natal Clinical Pilates  program is broken into 4 distinct stages:

Stage: 01

Initial Consultation: 

We discuss your pregnancy & delivery and medical history, and assess for tummy gap which is often missed by other health professionals  and look for any physical muscular problems such as weak abdominal and gluteals arising from pregnancy or delivery. We also assess your posture which is essential in developing a strong core and taking pressure off your pelvic floor. 

We finish the session with tummy gap and posture education,  the essentials of breathing, core and gluteal activation exercises that are targeted to help you get your body back on track following pregnancy. 

Yes you are welcome to bring your baby to your 1-1 sessions. 

Stage: 02

Pre class Review:

Catch up for you equipment based  1-1 session with your physiotherapist and start to build on the pilates pilates basics such as breathing, core activation, pelvic floor strength and  postural alignment while you start your exercise program. This class is based on technique which is essential in post natal rehabilitation.  Help build confidence to start your program in a small group setting, and start to take away concepts that you can use in everyday activities while you care for your baby, not just when you are exercising. 

Stage: 03

 Group Classes &

Home exercise program

Enjoy some me time while you are guided through individualized exercises based on your your health goals. Attend our regular clinical pilates classes and uses state of the art Pilates equipment & floor based exercise, designed for you. You will also be given a personalised home based program to help augment your practice at our studio. Pilates is the stepping point  which will help you progress towards higher impact exercise programs in a safe way. With out essential pelvic strength after delivery getting back to high impact exercise too early especially while your your pelvic floor and  body is still recovering, can lead to prolapse, increased tummy gap or incontinence issues. Can't find a baby sitter? Join our Mum's and Bub's classes on Tuesday and Wednesday 10.30am 

Stage: 04

Post Class Review:


Following your first 10 or 20 sessions catch up with one of our physiotherapists to discuss the next steps in your health journey.

A reassessment is completed and your goals will be re-visited.

Discuss different exercise options or advance your current Clinical Pilates program. Many of our Mums choose to continue with Clinical Pilates to ensure their tummy gap stays stable, to ensure the pelvic floor stays strong and to prevent lower back, knee and shoulder issues, while the hormones are still balancing in your body post birth which can exceed 18 months post natal. 


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