If you want to eliminate and reduce pain without medication or injections … This might be the most important thing you will ever read:


Is pain stopping you from doing the things you use to do?

Do you need to get up regularly at work because you can’t sit due to pain?

Have you noticed a change in your flexibility and posture? 

Do you feel like you have a weak core?


If you have answered “YES” to ANY of these questions, then we have some important information for you…


Ideal Physiotherapy has found a solution to your complaints; Clinical Exercise which utilised physiotherapy and pilates techniques.





Clinical Exercise at Ideal Physiotherapy is the most sort after service with in our clinic. Why you might ask? Simple an individualised program will give you quicker results and give you the time you need to help you through any pain or injury you may have without keeping up with others in the same class. 


Classes at our studio are always individualised run by a qualified Physiotherapist who has under taken 4-6 years university training and additional Clinical Pilates training which has backed up research to give you the results you need to get your body back on track. Classes are run in a relaxed and calming environment. Each session is designed to help you learn to take back control of your body by regaining mobility, strength, core/ pelvic stability and improving your general fitness. 


You will activate muscle groups that are integral to good alignment and core strength as well as learning to listen to your body in ways you may not have done before. Pilates is not a quick fix but instead it is a system designed to rehabilitate your body and return you to a more ideal self over time. Because results are what you are after our Clinical Pilates program is broken into unique  distinct stages: 



Stage 1: Clinical Pilates Initial Consultation: Your 1-1 session with a physiotherapist is done to gather a medical history /injury history, thereafter a postural assessment is completed along with body movement, cause of your current complaint.


You will be guided through the Pilates’ basics such as postural alignment , abdominal activation and breathing prior to going through some exercises that you can do at home to help augment your practice in the studio.


Stage 2: Clinical Pilates- Pre class Review Check in with your physiotherapist 1-1 and re-visit, re-vise your home program. You can also use this time to ask any questions from session 1. Your physiotherapist will help you build your exercise repertoire using our Pilates equipment before you attend your first group session. 



Stage 3: Join one of our Clinical Pilates Classes where you will be guided through individualised exercises based on your needs. This 45 minute class uses state of the art Pilates equipment & floor based exercise, which help to target muscle weakness in the core, pelvis, gluteal area & back. We also address all postural misalignments through sitting and standing exercises. The exercises are designed to build stability and help break the pain cycle. You will be supervised at all times and set up for your exercises so don’t worry if you are new! A physiotherapist will progress your exercises each week and can also modify your exercises at any time through the class. To help augment your pilates practice with us you will be given a home program. This home program is suggested 2-3 times a week with daily stretches. 





There are always options for discuss your progress in your group classes because your health and wellbeing are our number one priority. 


Many of our clients choose to continue with Clinical Pilates as maintenance once their symptoms have settled to ensure they stay strong and pain free. Results = commitment from you!  


We also run group fitness reformer classes, mat pilates or yoga should you wish to step up you Pilates practice. Your Physiotherapist is there to help guide you i to the right class. 




Studies show that muscle strength requires comprehensive program, with a minimum commitment of 12 weeks. 12 weeks is the minimum timeframe in which muscle strength develops. Be aware that this can vary from person to person based on the injury, how long the injury has been present and your commitment to your home program and other recommendations. A home program will be given to you to do at home 2-3 times a week which will take you 20 minutes. We recommend a 30-minute cardio program either bike, treadmill, walking or swimming 1-4 times a week. Once the 12 weeks are over, use Pilates as maintenance so your spine strong and keep a great upright posture. Without regular practice muscle strength developed while attending our classes will not be sustained, long term. Why because if you do not move it you will lose it! 


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