FINALLY!  An individualised program that will not only help you understand your injury, it is designed to maintain it & get you back to optimal health. Keep your body moving the way it should PAIN FREE!


If you want to eliminate and reduce pain without medication or injections … This might be the most important thing you will ever read:

Is pain stopping you from doing the things you use to do?

Do you need to get up regularly at work because you can’t sit due to pain?

Have you noticed a change in your flexibility and posture? 

Do you feel like you have a weak core?


If you have answered “YES” to ANY of these questions, then we have some important information for you…


Ideal Physiotherapy has found a solution to your complaints; Group Therapy utilising physiotherapy and pilates techniques.


It’s our most sort after program because it is 100% tailored to you (following an in depth assessment). We develop a program that you do supervised using pilates equipment. Your program will have strong focus on posture, core strength, flexibility and individualised to your needs, this is why it works!


Don’t worry of you are new you go at your own pace as everyone who attends our classes comes in for different reasons. 


So for more information on how a physiotherapist run pilates class can help you book yourself in for a 1–1 session and start working on your health goals today. 


Best of all Clinical Pilates classes are claimable under your private health. Check out our programs below: 



Mums to be! Give your body the best chance of carrying your little one to the best of its capacity.  

Yes! Exercise during pregnancy is safe and encourage. 

Our clinical pilates program is unique, it's tailored to you no matter what trimester you are in. Exercise will target your abdominals, gluteals and pelvic floor in a safe way.All three areas need to work as one to help prevent pelvic pain and back pain  during pregnancy. This pack also includes a post natal assessment; which you can have once you have your baby, this gives you the opportunity to start our post natal classes.

We have your body covered during this special time.


Starting a new exercise program can be daunting at the best of times! But it doesn't need to be this way!

The team at Ideal Physiotherapy are here too help put your mind at ease with individualised programs that are 100% focuses on you! No matter your health and fitness goals starting off with clinical pilates is a great form of exercise that will help teach your body to move in a safe way, help activate your core the right way, sit straighter and stand taller. Clinical Pilates is a research based program designed to maintain and & get you body to optimal health, after an injury and keep you body moving the way it should



Mums!  Get back to exercise in a safe and supervised environment. No need to find yourself baby sitter because in these classes you can bring your baby with you!

Strengthening the important muscles such as the abdominals, gluteals pelvic floor is extremely important as there areas have been strained as a result of pregnancy and delivery. Weakness in these areas can also cause bad posture loading the lower back, neck and shoulders.


Mums! Get yourself a baby sitter and get back to exercise in a safe and supervised environment. 

An individualised program to strengthen the important muscles such as the abdominals, gluteals pelvic floor is extremely important as there areas have been strained as a result of pregnancy and delivery. 

Going back to high impact exercise too early can load the pelvic floor, leading to bowel and bladder issues or a prolapse.


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